Post COVID Just Recovery budget should not include funding coal

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Kenya’s Post COVID Recovery budget should NOT fund dirty coal

The climate crisis and COVID-19 continue to cause major challenges for Kenyans. Droughts, floods, and locust invasions in addition to the COVID-19 crisis are causing far reaching damage to communities, livelihoods and ecosystems. The Post COVID Recovery Budget needs to address these challenges and help communities build resilience to the climate and COVID-19 crises. A 1.3 billion budgetary allocation for the exploration and mining of coal is not a good use of money to help communities facing the climate crisis. Adequate, reliable, affordable energy from an abundance of renewable energy sources, like the wind and the sun is needed to improve the well-being of Kenyans. Ask CS Keter to reallocate funds meant for coal exploration to renewable energy projects that will help Kenyans build resilience to COVID-19 and climate challenges.

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