SA National Assembly Candidates: South Africa is on the brink of an election, breaking air pollution records, suffering from mass unemployment and loadshedding. Commit to action NOW!


Thirty miles south of Johannesburg sits the Vaal Triangle, home to 1.7 million people, living near Africa’s biggest steel mill, a giant coal-fired power plant, an oil refinery and a petrochemicals complex. One town in the area, Vereeniging, regularly registers as the most polluted place on the planet. 

If that wasn’t bad enough, new Greenpeace research reveals:

  • The ten largest nitrogen dioxide point sources identified in Africa are all thermal power stations, 9 of which are in South Africa
  • The United Nations project that the annual number of premature deaths linked to outdoor air pollution in Africa will rise from 930,000 in 2030 to 1.6 million in 2063
  • Two of the world‘s ten largest SO2 (sulphur dioxide) emission hotspots identified are in Africa, BOTH are in South Africa

The South African Government simply must end toxic air pollution, load shedding and new oil extraction projects in our oceans and on land by companies like Total and Shell.

A stable source of renewable energy is critical to solving South Africa’s unemployment crisis, energy crisis and the climate crisis. It also ensures that South Africans’ right to a clean and safe environment is protected while creating good green jobs for South African youth who are eager to join the workforce, earn an income, and support their families.

That’s why we are demanding those seeking to be our representatives in the SA National Assembly in 2024 commit to pressure the new government and leadership to take urgent action when it comes to the environment.

Join us to demand they act now by signing this petition.

To: SA National Assembly and Government candidates

Demand the incoming Government and leadership commit to:

  • All current power stations meeting global air quality standards and decommissioning all coal plants that have reached their shelf-life by end 2025
  • Opening up the grid to renewable providers so 50% of SA's energy generation is provided by clean, renewable energy like wind and solar by 2030
  • Fast tracking a just transition for workers away from fossil fuels to renewable energy creating thousands of new jobs
  • End all new drilling for oil and gas by 2030



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Now can you share this urgent action with your family and friends and help make our message even louder?

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