Stop deep sea mining before it starts

In Africa, where biodiversity flourishes on land and in its surrounding seas, the deep sea is a treasure trove of biodiversity and home to untold wonders and possibilities. It is also one of our best allies against climate change. But a threat is coming: deep sea mining.

The good news is we can stop this industry before it’s too late, but we don’t have much time.

Deep sea mining companies are pressuring governments to let them go down there, several thousands kilometers below the surface of the ocean, and plunder the seabed to extract metals. If this industry is allowed to start, gigantic machines weighing more than a blue whale will be lowered onto the ocean floor to plunder these pristine ocean ecosystems.

Imagine if we could go back in time and stop offshore drilling at the dawn of the oil age and prevent environmental and climate catastrophes. This is where we are at with deep sea mining. This is a once in a generation opportunity: to stop another extractive industry from damaging the global oceans the way the fossil fuel companies have done to the climate.

Governments need to take a strong stand against deep sea mining. They have to publicly call for this industry not to start and take action to protect the deep ocean. 

I call on African governments to stop deep sea mining before it starts

The problem

Deep sea mining companies are seeking to start mining the seabed, carving up the global commons for corporate profit. Scientists warn that deep sea mining risks causing severe and potentially irreversible damage to the deep ocean and to the marine life that calls it home. Additionally, mining could adversely affect coastal communities and disrupt the natural processes that store carbon, making the climate emergency even worse.

The solution

The deep ocean is one of the world’s largest, most fragile, and most important ecosystems. Some governments have already voiced their concerns about deep sea mining. Others already called for a moratorium or a ban. We need to turn these words into action. We need African governments to stop the launch of this destructive new extractive industry and put the deep sea off-limits to mining for good.

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