Protect Ebo Forest, stop destruction NOW.

UPDATE: Cameroon's Prime Minister’s office has announced the suspension but not cancellation of the logging plans in the Ebo Forest. This is a great victory for all those who signed, however, the threat to the forest continues, and so we continue this petition until community rights are secured and Ebo forest is protected for good.


Ebo forest is a blessing to more than 40 community villages, numerous species (some of them endangered) and the planet. But the Cameroonian government just decided to destroy 68,385 hectares of it, an area about half the size of London, despite the strong disagreement of Banen communities.

We have to protect this pristine forest. Join us,

Stop the imminent threat to the Congo Basin rainforest from the lifting of the DRC moratorium on new logging concessions


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The Ebo Forest
Ebo forest in Cameroon is one of the intact forest ecosystems in the Gulf of Guinea, stretching over 2,000 km2. It is home to many species, some of them endangered. There is a small gorilla population of unknown taxonomy, a population of the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee, forest elephants, drills and the critically endangered Preuss’s red colobus. Many of these are on the Red List of Endangered and Critically Endangered species of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). Furthermore, Ebo forest is an important carbon sink, containing an estimated 35 million tonnes of carbon. It is also the ancestral land of the Banen communities.

But this massive biodiversity hotspot is now facing a major threat. The latest decree issued by the Cameroonian government may be the death sentence of many of these endangered species.

We ask once again to cancel plans for industrial logging in Ebo forest and to designate it as a national park instead.


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Stop new logging plans

Lifting the ban would put at risk an area of rainforest the size of France, resulting in land grabs, social conflict and the exacerbation of the climate and biodiversity crises.