Shell, BP, Total, Sasol: Stop wrecking Africa. Pay for your destruction.

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People everywhere are rising up against the fossil fuel industry. As Africans, we are on the frontline of a new colonial scramble for oil and gas. It’s time to resist. It’s time for justice.

The entire industry is built on colonialism and injustice. From systemic pollution, extraction of our resources and environmental damage, to displacement of communities, oppression, corruption and now the global energy crisis surging a demand to exploit African oil and gas. 

For a safe and fair world, we need climate justice and to fast-track a just transition to clean, renewable energy that will create jobs across Africa. We demand an end to the era of fossil fuels, that polluters pay for the damages they continue to cause across Africa and that they change course now. Add your name.

We demand that fossil fuel companies like Shell, BP, Total and Sasol:

  • Stop climate-wrecking activities in Africa and globally including your involvement in new fossil fuel projects and shift to renewables
  • Admit and apologise for your crimes
  • Repair and pay for the damage you have caused


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