Stop the development of new oil blocks in the DRC


Together we can stop the sacrifice of Congo's rainforests to the oil industry.

Only a few months after the signature of a $500 million deal with donors at COP26, the DRC government plans to auction 27 oil and 3 gas blocks. President Tshisekedi wants to sacrifice vast areas of Congo rainforest and peatland for oil. These blocks cover some of the last remaining intact forests on Earth that are home to thousands of local and indigenous communities and countless animal and plant species. Three of them overlap one of the world’s largest carbon sinks estimated to store 30 billion tonnes of carbon. This would be an unmitigated disaster for the climate, biodiversity and local people. 

Despite the calls of Congolese and international civil society and scientists, DRC’s government is preparing to further trash the rule of law and destroy one of the world’s most delicate ecosystems in contempt of the rights of local communities and the fight against climate change. 

Together we can put a stop to these plans to sacrifice the Congo's rainforests to the oil industry.

Tell President Felix Tshisekedi: Stop the development of new oil fields in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


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Stop new logging plans

Lifting the ban would put at risk an area of rainforest the size of France, resulting in land grabs, social conflict and the exacerbation of the climate and biodiversity crises.