The recent devastating oil spill in Mauritius is destroying one of the most beautiful places in the world, along with the livelihoods of the people who live there.

The Government of Mauritius is responsible for ensuring the protection of their environment and the livelihoods of its citizens, many of whom are severely impacted by the oil spill.

On 25 July, the MV Wakashio struck a pristine coral reef on Mauritius' southeast coast. The tons of oil that leaked out of the ship are creating an environmental crisis that may last for decades, putting many endangered species within the lagoons and the mangrove forests at significant risk.

The oil spill could create significant long-term damage to the ecosystems that the Mauritian people depend on. The Mauritian government must avoid dangerous methods of trying to remove the oil, which could result in even greater negative impacts on fragile coral reefs, mangrove forests, fish spawning areas and nurseries, crustaceans and shellfish.


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We have to protect this pristine area. Never again should an oil spill put people and nature into crisis. We stand with the people of Mauritius.

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Mauritius oil spill

We call on the Government of Mauritius to take the following steps to make sure a disaster like this never happens again:

  1. Full, accountable, independent and transparent investigations, monitoring, documentation, communication and decision-making related to the oil spill on its causes and consequences for the people of Mauritius, the economy and nature.
  2. Apply the polluter pays principle and hold Mitsui OSK and Nagashiki Shipping responsible for the damage caused by the oil spill.
  3. Review its transport shipping lanes with regards to “innocent passage” through Mauritian waters.
  4. Publish the rationale and assessments for the decision to dump the bow of the stranded ship, along with long-term monitoring plans.
  5. Learn from earlier oil spills elsewhere to minimise the environmental, social, economic and other consequences of the disaster.

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