No More Poison in Our Food!!

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Kenyans have been exposed to food with harmful chemicals. From meat laced with lethal chemicals, sugar that contains mercury, toxic ginger, to oil that does not meet the required standards. Kenya’s food system has become vulnerable to unscrupulous businessmen seeking to profit at the expense of consumers’ health.

While big corporations reap the economic benefits, the environment and the people who depend on it are subjected to the negative effects of industrial agriculture propagation. Governments and corporations are putting their exploitative interests before people and the environment.

Food safety should not be a knee-jerk reaction. It is critical that the government of Kenya ensures that consumers have access to safe and healthy food by empowering the local food industry to produce food in a safe and sustainable manner.

We are calling upon Peter Munya, the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture to act urgently and ban all harmful chemical ingredients. All agrochemicals with active ingredients that are proven to be causing cancer and harmful to the environment and human health must be banned from the Kenyan market. This will protect consumers and small-scale farmers and ensure safe food for all.

Join us in safeguarding our food system!

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