Africa's large palm oil plantation must come to a halt


Protect the Campo Ma’an national park and stop Cameroun Vert SARL (Camvert) from destroying Indigenious Bagyeli people’s and ancestral lands!

More than 28 communities call the Campo Ma’an area home. Now, a palm oil company, Cameroun Vert SARL (Camvert), has started clear-cutting these ancestral lands about seven times the size of Dakar illegally.

The Camvert project is not only violating the human rights of the Indigenous Bagyeli people. It’s also aggravating the climate crisis and violating Cameroonian law and international standards. On April 9, Cameroon’s State Minister of State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure Henri Eyebe Ayissi illegally approved the clearing of an initial zone of 2,500 hectares of the 60,000 hectares that Camvert is seeking to clear to develop its palm oil plantation.

The project must be stopped and the implicated Minister must be investigated immediately.

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The Camvert project must be stopped. Ask Paul Biya, the President of Cameroon to investigate State Property Minister Henri Eyebe Ayissi and cancel Camvert’s plans.


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Lifting the ban would put at risk an area of rainforest the size of France, resulting in land grabs, social conflict and the exacerbation of the climate and biodiversity crises.